Medical Teleconsultations

IT SERV provides you with a modern and efficient health care system through a remote physician consultation service via secure video call

Medical teleconsultation, a system where:

  • The patient sees the doctor and talks to him/her via video call.
  • He can send the doctor his medical records instantly.
  • Chat with the doctor via instant messaging.
  • Get a digital prescription instantly.
  • Send the doctor the results of exploratory tests.
  • He can have follow-up visits with the doctor.

Telemedicine: Reduces the distance between the doctor and the patient and helps fight against medical deserts in African countries. It saves time for both patients and doctors. The patient does not have to travel long distances and finds an appointment more quickly. The doctor can provide teleconsultations during his travels and if necessary during the evening or the weekend. Saves the patient a lot of money. Patients often have to spend huge amounts of money on travel, whether it's for a second opinion or to access a specialist in another city or country, or even for a simple post-operative follow-up consultation

With the help of the solution proposed by IT SERV, the physician has a very user-friendly tool to :

  • Chat with the patient via a secure video call;
  • Exchange text messages with the patient via a secure instant messaging system dedicated to the medical field;
  • Transmit the patient's treatment in a secure teleconsultation area;
  • Receive from the patient additional documents following examinations and explorations such as blood tests or X-ray results or any other document.
  • Access the patient's file at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using tools that preserve the confidentiality and security of the information.

Assisted medical teleconsultations

IT SERV offers an assisted teleconsultation service allowing all patients, regardless of their city of residence, without having to travel, to access doctors, especially specialists and skills that are difficult to find in remote areas and neighborhoods. IT SERV integrates a management engine for doctors' diaries and a workflow for patients to book appointments online.